SC Victims Rights Act (VRA)

According to the South Carolina Crime Victims Constitutional Rights you must be:

  • Treated with fairness, dignity and respect
  • Protected from intimidation and harm
  • Informed of  all criminal proceedings
  • Able to confer with the prosecution before trial
  • Have reasonable access to documents after the investigation and before trial
  • Receive prompt and final conclusion of the case
  • Receive prompt and full restitution from the person(s) convicted
  • Be allowed to submit an oral or written victim impact statement

State or local correctional authorities will keep the victim informed about:

  •  The institution where the person is incarcerated or otherwise being held 
  •  Perpetrator’s projected release date  
  •  Any furlough, work release or community corrections in advance of release 
  •  Date and location of scheduled parole hearings 
  •  Escape of the person from a correctional facility or program 
  •  Release or discharge from confinement  and conditions of that release 
  •  Death of the person while in a correctional facility or program 

Upon the victim’s request, correctional officials will keep information about the victim strictly confidential. This includes addresses, phone numbers and places of employment or other personal information about the victim or the victim’s immediate family.


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