Meet Roxie, Our Therapy Dog

Some people may wonder why they are greeted by our dog, Roxie, when they walk in our front entrance. Many child advocacy centers across the country are recommending the use of a support dog who comforts the child victim as they are in the process of being interviewed. The presence of a quiet, gentle, specially trained dog offers a source of comfort to the child while they are sharing a very traumatic experience with a perfect stranger. The Children’s Recovery Center (CRC) believes the need for a certified therapy dog is extremely important to its mission.

Roxie, our certified therapy dog, was abused and abandoned just like so many of our children. Jan Igoe of Canine Angels Service Dogs found Roxie at the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society. Right away Jan saw in Roxie what Louise was looking for-a dog with a big heart who would help the children who are sad and scared. Roxie was quickly adopted as CRC’s therapy dog and trained by Rick Kaplan of Canine Angels Service Dogs to greet visitors at the center and to behave appropriately. She will snuggle up with the needy child and ask to be petted. Children know they can tell her anything and she will keep their secret. Roxie loves to go to work with Louise. 

We’re very happy to have Roxie on our staff.


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